About Us


I’m an extroverted introvert that loves getting to know people and what makes them happy. I’d rather listen than speak. I gravitate towards fascinating people, especially fun parents, wine-drinking friends, sports-lovers and water-goers. Friends are the family you choose. Friendship is gold.

My children, Cole and Brooks, have taught me thoughtfulness, presence and love. My husband, Matt, has taught me love, commitment and hard work. Because of them I laugh everyday. Family is a gift.


I’m an established marketing and communications professional and former graphic designer that keeps finding my way back to the arts. I’ve created and launched corporate brands, worked with leading advertising agencies and shaped the strategy behind award winning campaigns. I’ve helped companies discover who they are and translated their mission and core values into campaigns that tell their story in compelling ways. At the root of it all is identity. This is photography. It captures your identity, who you are during a moment in time. It’s your unique story, and it’s worth honoring and remembering.


Born and raised in Western Maryland and an Annapolis transplant made official in 2005, I have a deep love for all things Maryland. I love the people that live here, our mountains and rivers. I love Maryland crabs, boating, the Chesapeake bay, our farms, food and sports (Go O’s!). Chesapeake Photography seemed an appropriate name.